Translation and language services in French, English, Spanish and East European languages. We provide standard as well as sworn translations and operate from the Geneva region in Switzerland.


Expertise provides translations made by qualified and experienced translators with native-level fluency in French, English, Spanish and East European languages. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we deliver professional translation services to corporations, institutions and authorities, as well as to private clients. Our strength is to offer linguistic solutions with a human touch to both national and international clients and to present your translated content with a clean and attractive layout.


Responsiveness defines our mission. Our goal at is to quickly respond to all emails, address requests for information within the hour and establish a free quote. We strive to promote an easy communication and are always prompt in discussing your requirements for language services. We stand at disposal throughout the translating process should you have any queries or wish to amend your documents. Meeting deadlines is a must to us and, no matter the urgency of the task, we will not impose express fees or overcharges.


Providing accurate translations to our clients is our first and foremost goal. As we translate only in fields that we fully master, we are confident about ensuring appropriateness for the client’s target market. We strive to uphold accuracy while avoiding the trap of literalness because we know that the best translations do not read like translations. We will also make every effort to preserve the original layout of your document. Terminology consistency is meticulously maintained across texts.


At, we do not take the duty of confidentiality lightly. Our clients entrust us with their confidential information and any document given to us for translation will be treated in line with Swiss practices of professional secrecy. As one example, we will not email your documents to a pool of translators worldwide in order to find a sub-contractor. In Geneva, where we are based, official translators are sworn in by the Chancellery of the State of Geneva and conform to confidentiality rules of professional conduct.

Areas of specialization


Incorporation of companies

By-laws, memorandum and articles of association, excerpts from the Register of Commerce, bank certificates


Personal documents

Civil status & identity papers, documents relating to immigration, emigration and citizenship, adoption documents, lease agreements


Legal & financial matters

Court orders and rulings, summons, judgments, decisions, complaints, agreements, arbitral awards, inheritance matters


Human resources

Resumes, work certificates, contracts


Educational records

Academic transcripts, diplomas and certificates, reports and qualifications



History, philosophy, literature, music, fine art

Our customers

Our customers are private persons, businesses and administrations.

They include:

Lawyers and notaries The judicial authorities Fiduciaries and accounting firms Private customers Banking and financial institutions Associations and foundation Asset management companies

Recent work history

list of paper
  • Excerpt from the Register of Commerce
  • Articles of association
  • Divorce judgment
  • Excerpt from Criminal Records
  • Birth certificates
  • Criminal Court judgment
  • Transcript of academic grades/marks
  • Content editing for Swiss French
  • Loan contract
  • Banking statements

Contact Us

To discuss any of our language services in more detail or to obtain a quote, you can contact us at +41 (0) 78 842 16 79 or


What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translations are officially accepted by sworn translation is established by a translator sworn in by the State of Geneva. It is delivered as a hard copy bearing the seal and signature of the sworn translator. In principle, such a translation can only be established from or to one of Switzerland’s four national languages.

What type of document may require to be established as a sworn translation?

- Court orders & judgments
- Legal documents
- Articles of association and extracts from the Commercial Register
- Financial reports
- Agreements
- Diplomas, transcripts of grades and certificates
- Notarial documents (wills, real estate deeds, etc.)
- Identity & civil status documents

Who can establish a sworn translation?

In Canton Geneva, sworn translators are accredited by the cantonal authorities and are entitled to hold the title of sworn translator. They are qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering the highest professional standards to private customers as well as to corporate and government bodies using their services. Sworn translators produce official translations, the accuracy of which is certified by a stamp or seal affixed on the document. They sign their translations, attesting that their work is a true and correct translation of the original document.

How can I find a sworn translator in Geneva?

Both the Swiss Association of Sworn Translators and the website of the Republic and Canton of Geneva provide a list of sworn translators. Consult our links section for more information.

Is a sworn translation issued in Geneva valid elsewhere in Switzerland?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge.

Is a sworn translation issued in Geneva valid abroad?

If your translated document must take effect abroad, the foreign authorities require a legalization of the translator’s signature.

What is a legalization of a document?

Legalization is the procedure by which a state authority certifies the authenticity of the signatures affixed on a document. There are two sorts of legalizations: by way of an apostil (or apostille) or by simple legalization (without apostil). The countries signatories to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 accept legalizations by an apostil. In Geneva, the public officer attests that the document has been translated by a sworn translator, then affixes his or her signature at the end of the document. Countries that are not party to the Hague Convention accept the seal of simple legalization insofar as the translation is signed by the foreign country’s official representation (embassy, consulate or mission).

How can I gat an Apostille in Geneva?

The Legalization services of Geneva (Route de Chancy 88, 1213 Onex) deliver apostilles and legalizations.

Is there a difference in price between a sworn and a standard translation?

The tariffs for sworn translation are governed by official regulations, which can be consulted at Our tariffs for standard translations that do not need to be sworn are determined according to criteria such as volume, difficulty and deadlines, and are usually 25% lower in price compared to sworn translations.

Is there a difference in quality between a standard and a sworn translation established by you?

No. We are committed to offering the best possible translation services to our clients for all the translations entrusted to us, be they sworn or standard translations.